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Meet Jordan and her mom, Jen!

Jordan & Jen Reeves

Jordan Reeves

Jordan Reeves was born just right, and co-founded a nonprofit with the same name. Ever since she was little, this teen has pushed through any expectations and proved she can do anything (except monkey bars). Through her work in STEM education and opportunities to speak and mentor other kids with limb differences, she’s on a mission to change how you think about disabilities and design.

Jen Lee Reeves

Jen Lee Reeves is the co-founder and executive director of Born Just Right. She’s also a mom to Cameron and Jordan. She and her husband, Randy, have learned so much about what it takes to advocate for our their children and how powerful it can be when parents work together for greater impact in the world of disability.

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Jordan Reeves is on a mission: she wants people to shift their thinking about disabilities. For Reeves, born a congenital amputee, her limb difference isn’t an insurmountable setback. It just means she has to do things differently. Reeves writes about figuring out how to tie her shoes with one hand and a “little arm” and attending occupational therapy to help her learn other life skills. She pushes back against the idea that a limb difference means she can’t play sports, swim, or dance. With some out-of-the-box thinking, she believes she can do anything “except monkey bars.” She wants other kids to know they can do anything, too. Reeves writes about her experiences at camps for limb-different kids and the power of connecting with people who are different like you. Kids who are interested in 3-D printing and design will appreciate the detailed descriptions of Project Unicorn, the glitter-shooting prosthetic arm she designed, but the real strength of the book is Reeves’s perspective on being different, which is positive and inclusive. Reeves’s mother, cofounder and executive director of the nonprofit Born Just Right, briefly contributes to the book, adding her perspective about her daughter’s journey and what it means to be a parent to a child with a limb difference. VERDICT This title provides a realistic picture of the feelings that accompany being different and may help people understand that disabled isn’t a bad word.

Mindy Rhiger

Hennepin County Library, MN, School Library Journal

Jordan gives her own perspective of growing up in an able-bodied world with a family behind her that relentlessly believed in and championed her in each new developmental stage so that she never felt limited. Jen writes about the steep learning curve her family went through to learn how to care for and empower Jordan. From writing their own tool kit and helpful guide to give to teachers and classmates on the first day of pre-school, to creating their own international non-profit to connect and empower other families with limb differences, Jordan and Jen are both educating others while smashing stereotypes.

This book will walk readers through how Jen and Jordan are changing the world with their foundation, Born Just Right, which advocates and celebrates kids with differences, and helps them live their best possible life. Their book is also timed perfectly with a collaboration with Mattel to have their first doll with a prothetic to ensure representation matters so kids like Jordan grow up knowing they are seen and valued. This gem of a book belongs on every classroom and home bookshelf.

Bethany Edwards

Author, Biracial Bookworms

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